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Wednesday Footnotes

  • Ailene Voison had a good profile of Francisco Garcia on Monday. A lot of telling pieces on Reggie Theus' goals for him, the most central of which is he needs to run more. The whole team needs to run more.
  • It's snowing and sleeting on the Kings in Boston.
  • Theus' old job, New Mexico State... they sucked this year. It might have something to do with Reggie. It likely has more to do with elite prospect Herb Pope's academic ineligibility.
  • Kendrick Perkins won't play tonight because he dropped a bed on his toe. And really, who hasn't?
  • Reggie used to write an advice column in a youth sports magazine. Seriously. This Q&A made me laugh:
    Question: My coach plays favorites. I know I am a much better player than the player ahead of me. How do I get the coach to see the light? I'm getting frustrated and feel like quitting.

    Answer: Remember that quitting never solves anything. Never quit! If you are truly better, then keep working hard with your nose to the grindstone and he or she will have to take notice. I believe the cream always rises to the top. At all levels of sports there are always going to be some coaches who play favorites -- I too had this problem when I was younger -- but you can't let it get to you if you're determined to succeed. You'll eventually get your chance to preform, and when the oppurtunity comes up, you better be ready, so keep working and improving your skills. It might mean that you have to work twice as hard, but you'll be the one to benefit in the long run.

    Anyone have 3-Wil's fax number?