The Beno kool-aid

I think we can all agree that Beno's producing about 70-80% of what Bibby would be, and for a significantly cheaper price. It makes sense then, if our season is going nowhere by the trade deadline, to trade Bibby on the cheap for whatever you can get. (Hey, that Miami #1 and J-Will doesn't look too bad right now, right?)

But Udrih's not a long-term solution by any means. I know we have a really small sample size this year (he's only played in 14 games and only started in 12) but he's posting a 15/3.5/4 this year in 35 minutes per game. I'd like those numbers from a shooting guard maybe, but not a point. It's pretty difficult to have a winning team when your point guard is only having 4 assists a game. Hell, Ron "I'll take any shot" Artest is leading the team in assists. Not a real good sign.

Do I think he's a good player? Yeah. But we're going to need a better passer at the point to bring our team to the next level. The obvious choice would be to take Rose/Mayo in the lottery but I don't think we'll be that bad. Maybe we could even get a stopgap point guard who passes better. There's even one that would be available who has 5.6 assists per game over 33 minutes per game. Not fantastic, but better than what we've got. We could even have a little change of pace - Udrih to score, and this guy to feed the big guys and K-Mart.

Who, you ask? I said, J-Will and that Miami #1 doesn't look so bad right now.

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