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Thursday Footnotes

  • If you haven't checked into the diary about Beno Udrih, you should. Lots of good discussion on Beno's performance and potential.
  • If you woke up this morning, stretched your arms and said "Man, nothing would be more perfect than seeing Darius Songaila's impersonation of Borat today," then you are a strange person. Also, you are lucky.
  • The Clippers made a somewhat bizarre move, waiving Ruben Patterson. The Nets also waived Eddie Gill yesterday. Hmmmmmmmm. I think the trade market could get rather hectic come Saturday.
  • Depending on your feelings on baseball, the Mitchell Report is a pretty good read. I, for one, am rather thrilled the entire Dodgers farm system circa 1999 has been implicated. Puts all that chirping about Barry in a bit of context.
  • Speaking of the Mitchell Report, otis notes in another thread Sacramento radio personality F.P. Santangelo shows up as an accused steriod purchaser. Mitchell's report says he bought at least once in 2000 and 'once or twice' in 2001. He also is alleged to have turned another player, Adam Piatt, onto the juice. Page 230 of the PDF. Santangelo wasn't on the air for The Rise Guys this morning, for what it's worth. I doubt he'll be on tomorrow either; it'll be worth listening to when he does come back. (Update: Santangelo went on the air with Mike Lamb this afternoon. You can listen to it on KHTK's website. He'll be from 7-9 am Friday morning to take calls.)
  • No King is anywhere near close to being voted in as an All-Star this year.
  • Boris Diaw might need a new home. Kelly Dwyer thinks he won't find one better than his current spot; if the Kings send away Ron Artest, wouldn't Boom Boom be a good fit with Kevin Martin, Beno Udrih, and Brad Miller? No?