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Friday Footnotes

  • We'll talk about this more as the game preview comes around, but Philadelphia seems to be putting it together. Coupled with Washington's surprising survival, this road trip doesn't look as potentially docile as it did a week ago.
  • The Kings didn't get to practice Thursday because of snow. In other news, scraping frost of your windshield at 5 am sucks.
  • The community outreach tentacles of the Sacramento Kings reach lovely Fallon, Nevada. And when I say lovely, I mean '10 times more uncomfortable than Bakersfield in the dead of July wearing a wool turtleneck and snow shoes.'
  • The investigatory tentacles of George Mitchell reach the NBA.
  • Update on F.P. Santangelo: I didn't listen this morning, but did get through his entire interview with Mike Lamb from Thursday evening. Credit him for coming clean, unlike most of the others. Apparently, he talked with his bosses at KHTK earlier this week about it; he told his boss on FSN Bay Area (he does Giants work, including a stint in the giant glove during Barry Bonds' race to 756) a month ago. Whitey Gleason claimed this morning he and co-host The Phantom didn't know until yesterday, but "had an inkling." The KHTK bosses wouldn't comment on F.P.'s job status. If they fire him over this, they're idiots. I don't agree with most of what F.P. says on his show (especially about basketball and the Kings), but if his job is seriously in danger over getting named as a steroid user? Crazy. Yeah, it makes it a bit difficult as the steroid story in general isn't going away. And yeah, there's a certain loss of authority since F.P. has been essentially lying about his conduct through this whole thing. But being named in Mitchell's report and subsequently admitting to the charges doesn't preclude someone from talking about sports. To assume listeners will reject what F.P. has to say about sports now assumes listeners actually take what radio personalities say to heart in the first place. In this particular case (a morning show in a basketball town and a gentleman whose expertise is not basketball), it's not a valid concern. None of us are going to cry over the loss if he does go back to coaching or something -- I mean, he has been wildly hypocritical about all this, hasn't he? -- but he deserves to keep his gig. Honesty, even if belated, gets you everywhere, I guess.