The Curse Continues

For some reason every time I visit the Verizon Center, the teams I want to win loses:

  1. 2003-2004: Against an awful Wizards squad, Kwame Brown drops 30 points and grabs 19 rebounds as the Wizards pull off the upset of their season, 114-108.
  2. 2005-2006: Ron Artest recently dealt to Sacramento, the Kings were starting to turn it around after beginning the year playing just awful basketball. The Kings miss so many free throws and the Kings fall 107-117.
I just don't get it:

Tonight, other than an inspired 2nd quarter rally after trailing by 9 and cutting it to 1, the Kings come out at the 2nd half and just completely fall apart:

  1. Deshawn Stevenson repeatedly hit three pointers
  2. Kings turnover fest began
  3. John, Beno, Mikki all played without energy and just didn't have it.
  4.  Kings continue to settle for three pointers
  5. Brad gets completely overwhelmed by Brendan Haywood and gets T'd up.
  6. Spencer Hawes and Quincy Douby, other than an aggressive dunk, looked very,very bad.
  7. Danhtay Jones looked solid with a very nasty dunk that got the entire crowd oohing and ahhing

    8. Let's add that looking at Kenny Thomas is just vomit inducing,no doubt about it. Old Yeller looks U-G-L-Y in that purple jersey.

Other than that, the Kings looked unimpressive, maybe back to back had something to do with but the Kings need to look at themselves in the mirror because it ain't pretty right now.

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