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My Other Boot, There It Is

Since that was a remarkably disjointed performance, we get a disjointed recap:

  • Caron Butler is the truth.
  • I saw someone mention in some article yesterday that Brad Miller's trade value is booming. We've beat ourselves into believing we're likely stuck with Brad's contract until it's close to expiring -- maybe not? He's playing balls to the ceiling right now; that dunk (which Sam Amick writes about quite a bit) was a breath of something fresh. The problem will also be Miller's niche status -- he's pleasant in our system (when we run it) but he'd be mismatched on most teams. Still, his improved rebounding and defense have mitigated those concerns somewhat; you can't expect him to block two shots a night, but he's not a pure Princeton center as he was last year.
  • Some people lose luggage at the airport this time of year; the Kings lost John Salmons. Hope he turns up.
  • Ron Artest was as invisible as he was Friday night, with a diametrically different result. Hard to blame it on him, but the team's got to do something to get him the ball when Beno Udrih and John Salmons are off.
  • Dahntay Jones' ridiculous open-court dunk over Andray Blatche made #1 on the SportsCenter Top 10. Here it is: