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Monday Footnotes

  • Great story in the New York Times concerning Ron Artest. One quote in there shows a remarkable sense of self-awareness which is typically invisible in Ron: "You're not going to understand the real me in a single paragraph." Read the whole thing; one of the more fair pieces you'll read in a major publication.
  • Another Ron-Ron piece which has been discussed in the diaries is also worth a detailed read. It's Ian Thomsen's look at judging Ron as a basketball entity.
  • The newest batch of MVP and Rookie of the Year rankings from the extended SB Nation Hoops family is up at ClipsNation. In retrospect, I should have put Chauncey Billups on my ballot. He's been silently marvelous.
  • Another funny guy takes his typing skills to the college basketball sector.
  • Justin Williams also endorses trading for Boris Diaw. (WARNING: Half-naked Frenchman.)
  • Sometimes, I wish we could fast-forward to the point when Miami actually trades for Mike Bibby and/or Artest, not because I'm so eager to lose either for spare parts, but because it's sort of exhausting to parse the repeated mentions of the plausibility of such a deal. Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune gives us the latest. (Via SLAM.) Expiring contracts only for both the valuable chaps? Umm...