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On Kevin Martin's 'Trade Value'

Don't worry, there are no rumors regarding trades of Kevin Martin. The subject is Bill Simmons' annual trade value column, which is a basically a giant ranking of the most valuable players taking into account age, contract length and salary along with performance and production and potential. The idea: You'd never trade #1 straight-up for anyone; you'd only trade #2 straight-up for #1, etc.

No Kings made the top 50. Kevin Martin made the honorary #51 position.

This edition's toughest omission because he's re-enacting the first few years of Reggie Miller's career, leaving the door open that, you know, he might become the next Reggie Miller. But given that he just signed a $55 million extension, wouldn't you rather have everyone in the following group at prices ranging from "piddling" to "highway robbery?"

The following players, Simmons writes, are valuable than Martin.

Monta Ellis, who makes a pittance this year but will command a new contract with an average salary upwards of $8 million starting next year, which works out to costing 75% of Martin for about 60% of the offensive production, 50% of the defensive potential and a degree less efficient shooting, and who has not shown he can carry an offense. (Martin has proved he can carry an offense by taking on a superstar level usage rate and maintaining his insane efficiency levels. Ellis' usage level is below average and his efficiency is only average.) Don't forget Martin makes next to nothing this season, too. I think Simmons might have Ellis' contract incorrect in his mind here.

Michael Redd, who through 2011 will make $66 million and is currently Martin's equal as a player, but is four years older. Martin will make about $31 million over that same time period, and will be on the books for two more seasons at a total of about $25 million. Put another way: Next summer, one player will be 26 years old and due $55 million for five seasons of work. The other will be 30 and due $51 million for three seasons of work. They are essentially equals today. Pick one.

Chris Kaman, who has rejuvenated his young career through 20 games so far this season... and is owed about $4 million less than Martin for one less year of service. I won't talk about hot streaks or flukes or even 'resigning yourself to having an average at best defense for the next five years unless you conjure up a Bill Russell at power forward because your defense at center will be terrrrrrible'... I'll just ask you if you know any GMs who would trade Kevin Martin for Chris Kaman straight up. Please, let me know, I've got stacks of Bibles and encyclopedias to sell.