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Wednesday Footnotes

  • Mikki Moore is calling out the coaching staff, apparently because he's not getting looks since Beno Udrih lost feeling in his finger (!!) after the Philadelphia game. As section214 joked to me, this is what it sounds like when lobsters cry.
  • Francisco Garcia makes me smile. So does the trust Reggie Theus puts into the young man.
  • Sam Amick has more on Moore and Ron-Ron on his blog.
  • Shoals opines on John Salmons' plight near the end of this week's FanHouse column.
  • I'm heading up BallHype's new Spotlight Series project, which will invite the best from the blog world to write on specific themes. Our first piece is up, and if I can say so, it's excellent. Joey from Straight Bangin' with a revisionist history of the Knicks.