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GAME 25 at Milwaukee, Preview & Game Thread

MILWAUKEE BUCKS  (10-14)  105.5 ORtg (#18), 110.7 DRtg (#27), 89.1 Pace (#21)
SACRAMENTO KINGS (10-14)  106.2 ORtg (#17), 109.7 DRtg (#23), 92.0 Pace (#11)

On Milwaukee
Same story as last week: Good shooters, good offensive rebounding, terrible defense. When the Bucks visited ARCO, Sacramento was lucky/skilled enough to limit Michael Redd to some poor shooting; anyone betting on lightning hitting John Salmons again? Add in: 1) Salmons has to be a bit tired after last night's explosion, and 2) Beno Udrih is hampered at the least and possibly out, which puts more offensive pressure on Salmons and Ron Artest, the two guys who could defend Redd. I'm not predicting a 40-point explosion or anything... yes I am. 40 points for Redd.

What's that mean? I think it means a Milwaukee win. Yes, Richard Jefferson went off last night and the Kings survived. But compound Salmons' likely regression on defense with perhaps some slippage on offense, too. Salmons played great in New Jersey -- I don't want to underrate this -- but he did not face good defense at any point. Thus, the disparity in defensive ability between New Jersey (average) and Milwaukee (catastrophic) is irrelevant. Redd wouldn't be a great defender in Division I ball, and he's certainly less than effective here in the NBA. But Salmons isn't a 30 ppg guy -- it's unlikely he could keep it up if he played Milwaukee and New York every night. I'm not predicting a sub-25 point night from Johnny... yes I am. Less than 25 for Salmons.

If Redd goes off and Salmons does not, it's a tough struggle for the Kings. Heck, if Redd goes off and Salmons goes off, it's still a tough try. Rebounds will be more important than usual because the Bucks are so good on the offensive boards -- Redd, Mo Williams and Charlie Bell hardly need extra tries.

Of course, the thing we need to pay most attention to: Mikki Moore's shots. Mikki will not stand to be ignored by the coaching staff! Rex Kalamian is on notice!

Game at 5 pm. Go Kings.