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Thursday Footnotes

  • We spent much of Wednesday chiding Mikki Moore for his comments about the coaching staff doing a poor job finding ways to get him involved on offense. He apologized to the team Wednesday, will be fined by Reggie Theus, and generally seems sincerely repentant about his salty attitude. He is a good teammate, one night be damned. Did you see him go nuts after Beno Udrih's threes last night? It'd be hard to miss -- Comcast showed the reactions a dozen times.
  • BrewHoop has a great, detailed recap from a Bucks fan point of view.
  • David Lee has added a jumpshot to his bag o' tricks. If you don't think this has anything to do with the Kings, you are more pessimistic than me.
  • If this doesn't make you laugh, you are not human. Also, I'd not encourage responding to MiMi. What a (drama) queen.
  • I don't understand how so many good, smart people can be so wrong.