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Friday Footnotes

  • The vaunted Reggie Rules aren't really 'rules' at all; they're more like guidelines. No matter how you cut it, he's been a success to this point. Can't knock the hard-ass attitude, can you?
  • ESPN's John Hollinger, long a denouncer of the John Salmons contract, eats a bit of crow, noting Salmons' explosion has come as the team has stopped forcing him to play point guard. He also said the Kings should be called 'overachievers' at this point, given the injuries.
  • I always thought 'flashing at the arena' was more of a Van Halen, Aerosmith thing than a Memphis Grizzlies thing. I guess I underestimate the visceral/sensual power of a Rudy Gay jam.
  • Richard Deitsch, one of the better media critics in the sports world, has published his end-of-the-year list. Light on the NBA side, but I found myself nodding through most of the column.
  • For those who wish to completely blow this team up.
  • Rod Benson might be a scion of Mark Twain.