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Pete Carril Lives

Ailene Voisin executed a great interview with local legend Pete Carril in today's Bee. Along with talk about the team's present and future, Carril offers his observations on Beno Udrih:

Q: You mentioned Udrih. What do you like about his game?

A: Just about everything except his defense. He's a little slow, but so is Mike Bibby. They remind me of Cal Ripken, the shortstop, guys who can't cover much ground, but they compensate because they have an idea what the guy is trying to do, where he's trying to go. Any slow guy is going to need help. But when Beno brings the ball up the court, you're looking at a point guard. Once that kid (Udrih) learns, figures out when you're shooting too much - and I know he's going to figure that out - he's going to be good. Figure out when you've got to penetrate and pass. And play better defense.

Encouraging, to hear it from Coachie. He also has an intriguing line about the future of the team, which biegler pointed out to me as a potential comment on the Maloofs:
So long as Geoff is doing the heavy lifting, and the operation of the team is in his hands, they'll come back at a faster pace.

Maybe it's a comment on the Maloofs, maybe it's a comment on Reggie Theus' power. But damn, it's a comment.

I will also admit to thinking of Carril when the whole situation with ignoring Rick Adelman's return went down. Remember, the Maloofs were said to put a stop on a Terry Porter interview because of his ties to the old regime. Wouldn't you think they'd keep Carril from returning if they're willing to go to such lengths erasing Adelman's guys from the picture?