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Playoffs? Um...

John Salmons thinks the Kings have "a good chance" to make the playoffs. Reggie Theus says the team "realistically has a shot." Ron Artest, of course, has maintained since October this team would play into May.

The Trail Blazers have won 10 straight. They are barely in as the 8th seed. Utah and Houston are on the outside. And the Kings have a realistic chance to jump into the conversation because they went 3-2 on a road trip? It's nice to dream, but...

Hey, if the Kings can go 3-1 or 4-0 on this homestand (Denver, Boston, Philadelphia and Phoenix), I'll jump on the bandwagon. I'm just a bit worried about overrating a gutsy but incomplete team at this point.

(Cue Brother Hedo. I'm a defeatist, and I'm sorry.)