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The View From 214, 12/26

No burger coupon on my ticket but there is a picture of sign man - that can't bode well.
Hmm, had to park a little further out tonight and I seem to be waiting a little longer at the beer line. So this is a sellout crowd.
Gabe Pruitt is inactive for the Celtics tonight - whew!
I have that bad feeling that Eddie House is going to do nasty things to us tonight.
If Scot Pollard and Rajon Rondo played "H-O-R-S-E" no one would win.
There is more Celtic green in the stands than since Bird retired.

1st Quarter
A rotten start offensively, but I'm sure that bringing in K9(woof!) is just the tonic.
Dustin Pedroia receives a lukewarm reception - some people here don't seem to love Red Sox Nation. The best part is when sign man tries to come over and shake Pedroia's hand and gets manhandled by the security guard. Kneecap him!!!
If Gary Payton was The Glove does that make K9(woof!) The Paw?
Bigger ovation for Natalie Gulbis.
Biggest ovation for Scot Pollard.

2nd Quarter
We are now officially in the Bizarro world as the crowd is getting giddy about the defense.
The crowd is moaning every one of our missed free throws - hangover, anyone?
Dahntay Jones flat brings it on "D."
One minute left in the half and the boo birds are out. But maybe we'll see 3-Wil tonight.
No assists for the quarter, two for the half.

Have you seen this "Rubberboy" guy? He comes out in a little box, unfolds himself and proceeds to contort himself in entertaining and/or creepy ways. The guy next to me mentions that Rubberboy probably does not get a lot of tail. I reply that given how he can bend himself into position he probably doesn't need a lot of tail.

3rd Quarter
Held them without a field goal for almost 7 minutes but only knocked about 10 points off the deficit.
27-13 for the quarter, maybe the best 12 minutes of defense I've ever seen the Kings play at ARCO.

4th Quarter
Quincy Douby looks a little dejected to me.
3:48 left and there must be a bomb scare because this place is starting to clear out.
Things have been chippy all night. First it was Tony Allen shoving (I think) Dahntay Jones, then Garcia and Garnett started a smack commentary that went on most of the night, and now Rondo is popping off in Jones' direction.

We suck, but Theus does have them playing hard. GP, get this man some talent!
Doc Rivers makes a concerted effort to get to Theus, shake his hand and put his arm around him.
Free 3-Wil!!! Free 3-Wil!!!