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Monday Footnotes

  • More from Sam Amick on the Artest family's battle. We sincerely pray for Diamond's health.
  • SB Nation's hoops division, along with some other quality basketblogs, are working together to do bi-weekly MVP and Rookie power rankings. Brew Hoop organized the whole shebang and has the first edition posted. The final results aren't far off from my own votes; I had Paul Pierce in the top 10, though.
  • Orien Greene seems comfortable in a 'New Zealand Breakers' uniform. He debuts soon.
  • Two Kings figure in this HOOPSWORLD ranking of the top non-rookie international breakout players. It's a rather narrow field, yes, but recognition is recognition. Did you know our favorite team also employs the league's top over-30 half-lobster 7-footer?
  • Marcus Thompson III from the Contra Costa Times talks to Beno Udrih.
  • This makes me mad only because Jason Maxiell is on my fantasy team. I cannot afford a knee injury, Rasheed!