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Kelly Dwyer: Martin's Injury = Bring In the Dynamite

A similar sentiment has been circulating in the moments we've breathed since louismg posted Sam Amick's ultra-fast injury update: Kevin Martin's injury means more than 'Kevin Martin is out 4-6 weeks.'

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! enunciates those musings very clearly:

If you're Geoff Petrie, the news makes your objective even clearer: you have a young coach, a solid young core that is lacking in star power (for all of Speed Racer's potential and current production), and you have a whole batch of parts that other teams can talk themselves into needing. Time to stop shooting for that 8th seed, and blow things up.

I have a feeling Petrie was headed in this direction before this 3-1 streak; Martin's injury definitely adds another notch regardless of the eventual win.

But Petrie doesn't panic. After the last eight months, I wouldn't be surprised if Mike Bibby was still a King next summer. I wouldn't be surprised to see Brad Miller stick around, even if he continues his current production and contenders come calling. (That was the most improbable clause I've written in a year.) Petrie will wait for his deal, for better or worse.

(This post was, more than anything, a reason to KELLY DWYER HAS BEEN FREED! A++ to Yahoo! for giving KD a blog of his own. World domination is forthcoming.)