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Kevin Martin Out 4-6 Weeks With Groin Injury

Me and my stupid mouth:

From the game thread...

(Is Kevin Martin) Out for 2 minutes out? Out for the whole game out? Or out for 2 months out?

Sam Amick of the Bee is reporting that in the wake of the Kings' impressive win over the Jazz, that leading scorer Kevin Martin will be out one to two months due to a groin injury suffered near the conclusion of the 3rd quarter of the game.

See: Sacramento Bee: Martin out 4-6 weeks

Oy. The pleasures of being a Kings fan. We saw how the Kings played without Bibby. We saw how the Kings played without Bibby and Artest. Now that Artest is back, we'll get to see if he, along with Salmons and Beno, can keep the Kings in the 'W' column.