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The View From Section214, 12/7

The game pretty much reaks for itself. In fact, I really didn't want to recap the game at all, but we have a lot of out of town (and country) brethren here, so on their behalf:

It's NBA Heritage night and a mustached, short shorts, swarthy Reggie Theus cicra 1986 (appx.) graces the cover of the game program.
We're suiting eleven tonight so apparently 'Reef is really hurting. Interesting that the PA announcer said that 'Reef and Bibby were on the inactive list but made no mention of Kevin Martin.
Kymora Moore (Mikki's wife) sings the national anthem and does the best job this side of Mrs. Elston Turner. Nicely done.

1st Quarter
Mikki is off to a great start. We should let Kymora sing every night.
Darryl Dawkins is here. But why didn't the highlight package that they showed on the jumbo tron include his smashed backboard?
Highlight reel of Reggie Theus is much to the delight of Daryl Watkins and Quincy Douby.
The guy sitting next to me says this is a good crowd for heritage night since it would fit in the old arena. I doubt that there are 12,000 here tonight.
Nice 14-2 run to end the quarter.
And 8 assists to boot.
And Mikki has apparently had a hands transplant.

2nd Quarter
Pearl Harbor survivors in attendance are honored.
Hawes and Thornton both enter the game.
K9(woof!) in with 11 minutes left in the quarter, much to the delight of everyone hoping that we get a shot at Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley.
Pete Chilcutt is here. Remember when he married the beautiful redheaded cheerleader? Guess we were wrong about him being soft...
The scoreboard is showing K9(woof!) with 6 fouls - wishful thinking but I like it!
Harold Pressley is here.
Reggie says via big screen interview that he worshipped the old Wilt/Baylor/West/Goodrich Lakers while folks in the arena boo.
Ron Artest's hero was Dennis Rodman.
We go to the half with an 11 point lead and we won the rebounding war by one!

Cool bike daredevils.
The Best Buy blimp is dropping gift cards to the loudest cheers of the night.

3rd Quarter
Boy, without Kevin we just don't get free throws or transistion baskets to break these Clipper runs.
Kevin Martin idolized Jordan, while Salmons and Garcia both chose Magic as their hero.
Well that quarter sucked.

4th Quarter
The one nice thing about being here is that I don't have to listen to Rant telling me to remember the technical foul on Salmons.
Five and half left, down by 10, the place is half empty (if we were up by 10 it would be half full).
OK, that's 0-2 with Mrs. Section 214 in attendance. She is now offically on notice.

My next game is 12/26 vs. Boston. Based on this week we should romp in that game, eh? Until then, end transmission.