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Just to recap that five-game home stand, of which the statistics and the majority of fans said the Kings would win 1 or 2 at most.

Date     Opp    ORtg    DRtg
11/26    SAS   123.1   108.8
11/28    GSW    94.1   101.0
12/01    HOU   116.3   107.6
12/04    UTA   118.2   108.1
12/07    LAC    94.6   105.4

Rather consistent and average defense; volatile offense. This is apparently what happens when you rely on your backcourt to do most of your scoring.

It's painful, watching offensive explosions against good defensive teams... and then viewing that absolute deuce against the mediocre Clippers last night. There were a lot of good shots which popped out, sure. But no one but Francisco Garcia (?!) got to the line reliably, and free throws certainly help buoy the offense. Miss Kevin Martin yet?

The team remains in the bottom 10 in the league in both offensive and defensive rebounding. I remain unsure why Kenny Thomas -- a turnover machine and slightly good rebounder -- gets minutes over Justin Williams -- a missed FT machine and very good rebounder.