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GAME 19 at Denver, Game Thread

If you were concocting an opportunity for the team's first road win, in Denver on zero rest with Kevin Martin injured... that'd not be the recipe I'd print on an index card.

Look forward to a defensive struggle with both teams scoring 110. Denver has no conscience; the Kings offense might not be conscious. Actually, in fairness, the first half offense for Sacramento last night was good-to-very good. Mikki Moore played a significant role in the success. Tell me if you're willing to bet on that continuing.

(In fairness, he hasn't bobbled a pass in two games, based on my vision. And I haven't seen him flash double threes [which a fellow spectator referred to as a gang sign] after a vicious dunk in about a week. Mikki is growing on us!)

John Salmons triple-doubled the Nuggets last year in the blizzard; Ron Artest and Carmelo Anthony always makes for high entertainment value. Add Allen Iverson and we have a party.

Seriously, not to be morbid, but: Go into it with no expectations. It'll probably be a fun watch, right?

Game's at 6. Go Kings.