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That Was Not Good Officiating

... but it doesn't matter. Does anyone think this would have been the time the Kings pulled it off? What made this one so special?

Sorry to be so blase. Reggie Theus was not; Francisco Garcia was not. That's good, they shouldn't be. But we've seen enough obvious referee mistakes in games which matter; when the biggest storyline is "Can the Kings ever win away from ARCO?", I find I lack objection.

This highlight package doesn't include the (seemingly obvious) foul on Allen Iverson on Garcia's three, but it does show the final inbounds play, where basically four Kings players are being held. How does that happen? Shouldn't at least one of the players be screaming about it? The inbounder, maybe?

I'd say more, but Sam Amick's Ailene Voisin's game story is pretty incredible. (!?) Also, ExhibitA went to the game; check out his recap, too.