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Weekend Footnotes

  • Geoff Petrie talks about adding a cheap swingman. It's so late most of the serviceable free agents have signed on with European clubs. So we're talking D-League level additions. Nik Caner-Medley's playing well for the Sioux Falls Skyforce, in case you're wondering. The problem: Teams can't offer those useful 10-day contracts until January. If you sign Caner-Medley or another D-League product, you're signing him for the season. Of course, you could sign him, keep him with Sacramento while you need him, and option him out to your own D-League affiliate (the Bakersfield Jam, in our case) when Kevin Martin returns. Which would be weird for the Skyforce, who made Nik a top draft pick in the NBDL draft.
  • section214 passes on this Peter Vescey rumor explosion. He says the Kings offered Mike Bibby and Kenny Thomas for Anderson Varejao and a couple small, bad Cavs contracts (something like Damon Jones and Ira Newble, I'd imagine). I like Varejao, especially standing next to Spencer Hawes... a young Mikki Moore with defense and funnier hair. But a long-term contract above the mid-level for such a player strains you a bit, especially if any of the contracts coming back were as long as K-9's. Nevertheless, Vescey insists Bibby's gone by the trade deadline. Take that for what it's worth.
  •'s Ian Thomsen puts Beno Udrih at #3 in his Most Improved race. I think I'd place Rudy Gay higher -- maybe even #1, battling with LaMarcus Aldridge -- and Louis Williams deserves a place at the table. But Beno has been a surprise. Played well last night, too.
  • I didn't get to post this earlier in the week, and I am sorry. But everyone reads TrueHoop, so I doubt you missed it. David Thorpe on what Kevin Martin will do during his injury time-out: "We're going to turn this negative into a positive. That's the only way you can look at it. If you start thinking that you have options, that's when you lose. There are always challenges in life, and people who answer those challenges end up so much better down the road. So we're going to make it into a positive, by using this time to watch a ton of tape, to hire a personal chef to get him eating healthier than ever, to work on some lifting to get his upper body stronger, and as soon as he is allowed to stand underneath the basket he'll work on left-hand finishes." He's in good hands, that Kevin.
  • Sam Amico of HOOPSWORLD thinks the Kings are an interesting team to watch. I don't disagree; this season has already been more intriguing than all of last year.
  • section214 pointed this out in a recent comment thread, but it deserves more attention: Listen for the last lines of this trailer and tell me Speed Racer isn't the perfect moniker for Kevin Martin.

    (For those who can't watch it, the line is: "He's going to be very good. No, he's going to be the best... if they don't destroy him first." I got goosebumps.)