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For the third straight season, the Kings have no All-Stars.

Honestly, they don't deserve one this year. Mike Bibby was a borderline snub last season, though I was just so happy to see my favorite non-King Elton Brand finally get the nod that I overlooked MB10's plight. Bibby has fallen off the shelf this season, and the de-facto superstar on the team - Ron Artest - hasn't been the MVP candidate he was for three months last season.

Kevin Martin was by far the Kings best chance this time 'round, and he is probably 6th on the "next-in-line" list behind Carmelo Anthony, Josh Howard, Elton Brand, Ray Allen, and Zach Randolph at the least. (All said, I can't get too worked up about Melo's snub, even if he is a Baltimore guy. He missed 15 games. That is far from inconsequential.)

Who knows what players the Kings bring in this month, this summer, or next winter. Martin would seem to be the only current King who's a threat to get an invite next year, unless Artest sticks around and gets his head back on straight. It's too bad the Kings are the de-facto host team of the Vegas game and won't have a representative in the game, the Frosh-Soph game, the skills comp, the dunk comp, and probably the three-ball comp (though Martin could get told to show up for that). It's nothing to be surprised about, but it still is a bit shocking when you put it all together.