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Game 45 - vs Denver

After a refreshing Friday night without basketball, it's time for a big home game with the The Answer, Carmelo, and Scott Brooks. What more could you want on a Saturday night?

Let's get to it...


PG - Mike Bibby fits best in... Miami? Or Cleveland? Both teams have bloated payrolls and both teams desparately need a starting PG and a scorer. Bibby, despite his shooting woes, is a proven starting PG and scorer. The Cavs have so little in assets they would almost certainly require a third team; Miami has one key expiring contract in James Posey and an intriguing youngster in Dorell Wright - a youngster who happens to play the same position in theory as Francisco Garcia and John Salmons. Hmm. I hope a dark horse pops up soon...
SG - We could be less than month away from Kevin Martin being the clear-cut alpha dog on offense. He's getting closer with Bibby and Artest on the roster, so it could still happen if no trades do.
SF - What's a good fit for Ron Artest, besides constantly rumored Miami? The Clippers still make sense. Would Minnesota take him?
PF - I doubt Kenny Thomas is going anywhere. What about Shareef Abdur-Rahim, though? Is he worth a first-round pick at this point?
C  - Brad Miller to San Antonio? His contract is likely a little hefty for the Spurs to bite, but adding his shooting ability in place of Oberto and Elson could serious open up that SA offense. I know I'm not the first to suggest it, but I'm becoming an evangelist of this possibility...

PG - It's good to see True American Hero Steve Blake getting lots of love for his Denver performance this season. There are several worse starting point guards in the league, all of whom make bundles more cash...
SG - Allen Iverson can't be kept out of the All-Star game in a reality-based system, so it's for the best that the coaches voted him in. Not sure I would've been 'big-picture' enough to do it, though.
SF - Carmelo Anthony got into a fender bender Friday night. Don't tell the cops, though.
PF - Reggie Evans is grabby, both w/r/t offensive rebounds and male scrotums. You've been warned, KT.
C  - Wasn't Marcus Camby incredible at UMass? Shouldn't he have had a much grander NBA career? I know about the injuries and all that noise, but still... That guy was amazing. Does that concern you at all about, say, a Greg Oden? (I say 'no.' Oden is a freshman, Camby was older when he dominated. Oden will be an Olajuwan-like force on our world. I'm not shur I spellt Olajuwan write. Oh well.)

Actually, I'm writing this game thread Friday night. See, I couldn't stay away from the Kings on a Friday! I'm hooked! The brief flashes of cocaine during key defensive possessions really work! Anyways, yeah. No line available yet. So I'm guessing the line, as of Friday evening: Denver -2. And I think I'd take the Kings here. (I'm crazy. From the brief flashes of cocaine.)

Wouldn't it just be a riot if Brooks: 1) started Reef over Kenneth, 2) gave Garcia, Douby, and Williams significant playing time, and 3) won the game? Wouldn't that be incredible on many levels? There's a serious opportunity for some 'Barone' action here: an assistant coach comes in, quickly lifts some sort of shackle, team flourishes. However, I'd be seriously surprised if Muss wasn't calling the plays via Blackberry at home.

I have grieved enough,
so pregame haiku is back...
still won't be good, though.

Vamanos Kings!