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Vescey Floats Shareef to Chicago Idea

In his New York Post column today, Peter Vescey briefly floats the idea of Shareef Abdur-Rahim to Chicago:

Convinced time and youth, for the most part, are on his side, the Bulls VP is scouring the topography for a halfway decent post-up scorer (Shareef Abdur-Rahim?) unless, of course, someone like Zach Randolph suddenly comes on the market.

The mention comes in the larger context of discussion of a possible Pau Gasol move being dead. A week ago, we posed Shareef and Vitaly Potapenko for P.J. Brown and the Knicks pick (owned by the Bulls). I think that's more than enough to get a deal done from this side. Would Paxson buy into that? Potapenko's expiring, as is Brown. So if you don't have another deal in place for a Gasol or a Randolph, why wouldn't you essentially trade the #10 pick (estimated) for Shareef?

From the Kings' perspective? That #10ish pick? That's Roy Hibbert, Corey Brewer, Marcus Williams, Al Thornton territory, according to DraftExpress. Added to the Kings' own pick, that's a nice start to the rebuilding process.