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Notes About Trade Week

Over the next 72 hours, possible trades are likely going to be topic #1 around here.

I love the speculation of it all, and I enjoy a good rumor as much as the next guy.

To keep everything clean and partially sane, here are some rules for the week:

  1. Post new rumors in a diary, not in the comments to an exisiting story or diary.
  2. Please include a link to a source for all rumors.
  3. When floating ideas, please include a link to the ESPN Trade Machine results for that trade.
  4. You may offer alternate ideas within a thread about a related trade. For instance, in my post about Shareef-to-Chicago below, if you think Reef + Corliss for Brown + Tyrus Thomas is a better fit, then post that in the comments. But don't post Bibby + Francisco Garcia for Kidd in those comments. Start a new diary for that one. You see?
Louismg and I are going to liberally promote these diaries to the front page when warranted, so make it pretty!

And have some fun with this. How long has it been since the Kings were such obvious players at the deadline?