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Lingering Injuries Keeping Miller, KT Questionable

Though I will only half-heartedly try and resist the urge to call Miller and Thomas' play questionable to begin with, both Brad and Kenny haven't quite gotten ready to hit the hardwood following the All-Star break. In Miller's case, the foot troubles could end up having ramifications through the rest of the season, according to the Sacramento Bee.

As foot ailment lingers, Miller gets frustrated

Miller said it's possible the injury could affect him the rest of the season. "It feels (terrible) sometimes," said Miller, who missed eight consecutive games in November with a torn tendon in the same foot. "Other times it doesn't feel bad. ... It's a pain in the butt, for sure."

Doctors could not be reached for comment on how a foot ache would also cause pain in Miller's gluteus maximus. Meanwhile, KT missed Monday's practice with an undisclosed illness.