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Amick: Kings Want Gooden, Bulls Want Shareef

Sam Amick has been blogging fairly regularly at since last week, and he has some intriguing tidbits in today's post:

The Cavs could send Snow and Drew Gooden -- who I was told the Kings want -- for Bibby, but obviously that deal hasn't had legs. As for Brown, he matters only because a source told me the Bulls are interested in Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

P.J. Brown and the Knicks first-round pick for Shareef and either Vitaly Potapenko or Jason Hart if preferable to the previously mentioned Shareef for Mike Sweetney, Malik Allen, and a pick idea.

Bibby for Drew Gooden and Eric Snow, however: yikes. Snow is the worst starting point guard in the league. Ronnie Price is much better than Snow at this point. Jason Hart is better than Snow. He can't shoot, he can't drive, he can't set up his teammates, his defense is slipping, he's 33, he's getting paid two more season after the current one. If you take on Snow's contract without getting some rather serious considerations on top of Gooden, you're nearly conceding the next two years. Snow should've be playing more than 5 minutes a game in this league.

To take Snow, I think I'd demand Gooden, Sasha Pavlovic, and a future Cleveland first-rounder. (They don't have a pick this year.) Even then, I'd find myself a starting point guard immediately and stick Snow behind Price on the bench.