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Marcus Banks?'s Chris Sheridan is reporting a possible three-way Phoenix-Cleveland-Sacramento deal, as suggested below by bballblog.

The jist would be Marcus Banks, Drew Gooden and a draft pick to Sacramento, Mike Bibby to Cleveland, and expiring contracts and possibly Damon Jones or a future pick to Phoenix.

We discussed Mike James yesterday as a Bibby replacement. What about Banks?

Well, he's the youngest point guard Sacramento has been connected to. As this in-depth look from Forum Blue & Gold will tell you, he's a good defender who might actually be really good. He's best driving the lane and isn't a particular deft deep shooter. However, he realizes this and takes many more shots from inside the arc than the average PG. He has a pretty nice assist rate, which is aided because he doesn't take too many shots. He does, however, turn the ball over more often than Bibby or James.

He's signed through 2011, which explains why Phoenix would rather keep similarly skilled Leandro Barbosa. Banks makes $3.6 million this year, and that figure rises gradually to a max of $4.7 million in 2011. Banks is 25, and will be 29 in 2011. If he's a capable starter, then he's a really cheap point guard signed through his prime. Not a bad thing to have.

If losing Bibby nets a 25-year-old starting power forward, a 25-year-old starting point guard, an extra first-round pick this season, and some cap space, I think it's a trade well worth making.