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Amick: Everything is Quiet

More from The Bee's Sam Amick:

With 40 minutes to go, all is quiet on the Kings' end. Mike Bibby has not been told he has been traded, according to someone close to him. And according to a
source close to the situation, it's looking like Bibby won't be. According to a source in Cleveland, it appears the Cavs have moved on to other, non-Bibby
business. There is still time for someone - including Cavs GM Danny Ferry - to ring the purple phone with the can't-pass sort of deal, though.

Seriously though, no action today isn't the end of the world. It's clear what direction Petrie would like to go. I can wait til July, really I can.

And I think there will be a market for Mike this summer, if he doesn't opt out. He's too good at too important a position to not draw interest.