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Was that game even real? Down by 16 in the fourth, storm back with plenty of time left, lose the game on stupid plays or blown calls roughly three times in the final two minutes, send the game to overtime with a full-court pass with 0.7 sec left, lose the game because said shot was .005 sec too late. Too surreal for text. Where's Dali when you need him?

It's weird to say it, but I feel better about these Kings than I have since New Year's. And yes, I know the Kings just lost.

And a rousing round of applause for Mike Bibby. Yes, the day his team tries desparately to lose his contract, he has his first 30-point outing of the season in a while. Remarkable. Let's hope that chip doesn't fall off his shoulder on the plane ride to Jersey.

If you don't think we're debuting the Francisco Garcia Stud-o-Meter in the next week, you're wrong.