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Game 57 - vs Charlotte

Tonight's game takes place in Sacramento, which means there's an outside chance the Kings could win.


PG - Mike Bibby's like a roller-coaster baby baby. I don't want to ride.
SG - Someday, We Who Know Kevin Martin is a Superstar will look back on this season and chuckle. Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha.
SF - Ron Artest is a mental landmine.
PF - Kenny Thomas lacks talent.
C  - Brad Miller looked great against Philadelphia. On offense, that is.

PG - Raymond Felton is one of the thickest point guards I think I've ever seen. He's a full step below Chris Paul/Deron Williams, but that's not the worst place to be.
SG - Matt Carroll is starting over Adam Morrison? Hmph..
SF - Derek Anderson is still alive?!
PF - Gerald Wallace is going to be a great pickup for someone this offseason, but I doubt it'll be the Kings. The team is too deep at that position.
C  - Primoz Brezec, the name just rolls off the tongue like butter.

The Kings are 9-point favorites, which seems absurd. Charlotte is not that bad. Seems like easy money... But the Kings have been much better at home, and the rosters are incomparable. So confusing. Thus, the Kings.

G-Dub, how are you?
Good to see you back in SAC.
Please don't score 40.