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Coach Brooks Taken to Court By His Brother

According to the Stockton Record, Scott Brooks - who just won two games in place of Eric Musselman if you had not heard - is getting taken to criminal court by his older brother.

The story says Foster Brooks, five years Scotty's senior, has filed a criminal complaint with Manteca police regarding some alleged illegal forging of the older bro's name by Coach. The brothers co-own a car wash in Manteca, and the dispute stems from the sale of a second car wash the brothers' partnered up on in Modesto.

From the story:

The Brooks brothers have been legally quarreling about the closure of the Modesto car wash for more than two years. Foster Brooks filed an employment discrimination lawsuit in 2004 claiming his younger brother enticed him into the family business, but when Scott Brooks sold the Modesto branch, Foster Brooks was left without an income. Scott Brooks has since filed a defamation lawsuit against his brother, claiming that Foster Brooks has attempted to ruin his advancement in NBA coaching circles.

This is only news because Coach Brooks has a decent amount of attention on him right now. I have to imagine The Sacramento Bee will stay far away from this story unless Scotty someone ends up in the clink (1,000,000-to-one chance on this type of dispute), and I can't imagine this story would even have come out had Brooks not slid into the head coach role for a couple of games while Eric Musselman contemplates why taxi cabs are always a better option than drunken driving.

The thing that interests me most about this: Scott Brooks owns a car wash? Road trip!