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"The Man" Says Artest Doesn't Feed "The Dog"

Oh Ron-Ron, why do you do these things?

While we understand that families are put under the strain of an NBA lifestyle, that spouses and significant others may be separated for weeks at a time during road trips, you're not going to get any sympathy for neglecting your dog - ever.

Now, we've learned the Placer County animal control was asked to rescue your Great Dane, after you left it in the yard, without food or water, apparently for months, as it grew sickly thin, attracting the attention of neighbors.

That is no way to be a man. That is not responsible. And some of us Kings fans who have either defended you or been on the fence during times of rumor and bad behavior can only gawk at the spectacle you have become.

This isn't about the fact you might be fined $20,000. We know you have the money. This isn't about your growing up in the projects and wanting the dog to experience the same levels of hardship you have. This is inhumane, and even for you, surprising.

Your response so far has been completely unfulfilling. You told CBS13 you "had gotten rid of all (your) dogs because (you weren't) able to take care of them." Well, it looks like you forgot one.

You left your Great Dane to starve to death while you lived the NBA lifestyle and recorded rap albums. Now, your dog, Man's best friend, is skinnier than a CD case, and is being kept alive only through the kindness of others who are bailing you out again.

This isn't a case of he said, she said. The dog isn't talking. But we can talk. And we're not happy. Feed your damn dog or don't get one in the first place.

Update: The Sacramento Bee sheds more light on the situation, as Artest says he DID have someone looking in on the dogs, and that his bulldog simply ate all of the Great Dane's food...
Artest said in his e-mail that when he left last week for a road trip, "my dog watcher was feeding both my dogs and my American bulldog dominated all the food." When he got back, Artest said, "I realized Socks lost a lot of weight. So I immediately isolated Socks in a separate room in my garage to eat and gain some weight back."