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Marmadukegate Gets Worse

Things are getting better for Ron Artest. From the Sacramento Bee:

Since July, his four dogs have spent a total of 77 nights at the pound -- at a cost to their master of $1,942 in boarding and impound fees. ... Before this week's incident, officers had gone to the Artest home six times since July in response to callers' complaints, documents from Placer County Animal Services show. ... Socks suffered a broken leg in the auto accident. And Biscuit never was found after his last escape. Another dog was killed in his yard, Artest wrote in an e-mail to The Bee.

These poor pups have a better chance of surviving lunch hour in Chinatown than chez Ron-Ron.

I understand a puppy getting lost. That's when you put up signs and ads in the paper, and you go knocking on some neighbors' doors. You don't chalk it up to "Oh, Biscuit left. That sucks." Especially when you have young children.

I understand that mountain lions in the lush hills of Placer County are dangerous. This is why you protect your pups, with an overnight pen or the like.

I understand that sh*t happens. But when it happens repeatedly, as the tales indicate, something's wrong with the owner. Ron Artest does not deserve to own animals - this is clear. Hell, he probably deserves penalties greater than a $20,000 fine (which would, by the way, be a backbreaker for most California families). Jail time? I don't know; this is particularly egregious, but the law doesn't usually send people to the clink for stuff like this.

Judging from the reaction we've heard, he will get booed tonight. That, he deserves.