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Bibby Top Target to Trade

Before the season started, Mike Bibby and agent David Falk had a master plan: Play well for 82 games (and the playoffs), then opt out of Bibby's contract, and hit the free agent market. He could sell his services to the highest bidder, or even stay with the Kings, but for more cash, according to a new article from Scripps today.

As we know, it hasn't exactly worked out that way. As the piece says, the Kings are in last place, and Bibby is suffering through what could be considered the worst shooting season of his career. Common sense says that Bibby would be foolish to sell himself to the highest bidder at a time when there won't be many takers.

But with Bibby having the option to leave at the end of the season, with the Kings receiving nothing in return, makes him a top candidate to see traded before the Feb. 22 trading deadline. The Kings aren't exactly awash in point guard candidates, and the draft is always a big question mark. So something looks like it might happen, if the Kings can get something reasonable in return.

Any points of clarity, Mr. Petrie?

"As far as trades go, if there's something that would make sense for us, either short term or long term, and I'm not talking specifically about Mike, I think we would be inclined to do one," Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie said.

OK... I guess clarity was too much to ask for. But you get the idea. As February 22 draws closer, and the Kings see themselves not knowing Bibby's intentions, still wallowing below .500, change will be coming. Maybe. Either short term or long term. I think they would be inclined. To do one.