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Game 47 - vs Chicago

It's a TNT backend. I'm terribly tied up at work, so let's open-source this game thread. Haiku, anyone?

[editor's note, by louismg]
I'm hijacking this thread.


PG - Mike Bibby has to start making shots if he wants to pull down the big bucks.
SG - Kevin Martin is pretty good. Or at least, that's what we keep hearing. Will he get opportunities to shoot and lead the Kings?
SF - Ron Artest is a wonderful man who never makes mistakes and loves all creatures great and small.
PF - Kenny Thomas is one of those creatures.
C  - Brad Miller is still on this team.

PG - Kirk Hinrich is averaging 15.9 PPG, as opposed to last year, when he averaged... 15.9 PPG.
SG - Ben Gordon is pretty good. Some say he should be an All-Star game reserve, but he didn't make it...
SF - Luol Deng is very quietly scoring 18.0 PPG and makes more than 52% of his field goals. Not too shabby.
PF - P.J. Brown always felt left out when his high school would have PJ day during spirit week, only to find out nobody dressed like him.
C  - Ben Wallace is probably incredulous that Artest hasn't blamed him as the reason Socks hasn't been fed.

The Kings are -2.5.

I somehow have the sinking feeling that if the Kings were up by 2 late, and needed a last-second free throw to beat the spread, the ball would hang up on the rim, the refs would award us half the point, and nobody would win any bets. Don't bet this game.


With the game on television, I'll actually have the opportunity to remind myself what the Sacramento Kings look like. Not that it will make me like the Poodle and Ron "Doesn't Like Great Danes or Poodles" Artest any more tonight. Boooo!


Musselman is back.
Will losing return as well?
This game could show us.