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Ron Speaks: Fun Losses, Doppelganger Coaches, and Transgender Dogs

Ron Artest has a new journal entry up at Some great insight on the team is included. An example:

The last journal entry was just before the Knicks game. We lost that one, but that was a fun game. I think I was enjoying being in New York too much instead of playing the game.

Ron shot 4-15 in that game, and clanked an absolutely terrible three-point attempt to tie in the final seconds. Glad he had fun.

Ron-Ron also has lots of love for Coach Eric Musselman:

The only difference was Coach Brooks was a little more loose. He was in there just letting us ball and it turned out good. For the most part, everybody was out there playing. Coach Brooks also has a championship.

So, to recap, the only difference was:
  • We had fun playing for Brooks, and we do not typically have fun playing for Muss because Muss yells at us.
  • We value gauche jewelry more than you think.
Of course, Artest addresses Marmadukegate:
When I got home, Socks was pretty skinny. He lost a little bit of weight. They made a real big deal about it and they took my dog away from me. I'm trying to get my dog back.

Records (and the genital region of the pup, I assume) indicate Socks is a "she." But we know someone is probably ghostwriting this for Ron, and it was probably a miscommunication, so no big deal...
I've had a lot of dogs over the years. I've given some away and some passed away. One got hit by a car and one was killed by an animal. We got mountain lions running around. In Indiana, I had built this $100,000 pen just so they wouldn't get away. I had ten acres and my dogs kept getting out. I built the pen so they could run around and they didn't have to be locked in. That shows you that I got a love for dogs.

You know how I show my dog I've got love for him? I feed him. Crazy, right?

Fret not, fans: This sh*t ain't holding Ron's spirits down.

Look out for the Sacramento Kings. We're doing it big. We're going to bring it to everybody's head this year.

Your 21-26 Sacramento Kings - bringin' it to everybody's heads.

(Via Sam Rubenstein.)