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Stats Corner: 10 Simple Things I Bet You Didn't Know

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Notes from the back of the statsheet.
  1. Only Mike Bibby has started and played in every one of the Kings 56 games.
  2. Corliss Williamson has scored 62% more points than Kenny Thomas, but has never started.
  3. Justin Williams has the highest field goal percentage on the team.
  4. Kenny Thomas attempted one 3 point shot this season. He missed.
  5. Vitaly Potapenko had one rebound this season. He also had 2 turnovers and no points.
  6. Jason Hart leads the Kings in both 3 point shooting percentage and free throw percentage.
  7. Corliss Williamson averages 6.78 fouls per 48 minutes played.
  8. John Salmons has played more minutes than Shareef, Miller or Kenny Thomas.
  9. Ron Artest averages one more assist per game than Kevin Martin.
  10. Kevin Martin's 3 point field goal percentage is higher than Mike Bibby's overall percentage.
Sources: and Yahoo! Sports