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Game 62 - vs Denver

Melo vs Ron-Ron.

Iverson vs Martin.

National TV.

You really don't need more than that, do you?

Like someone commented yesterday, I fear for Melo a little. Ron is going to come out trying to destroy fools. He understands the best way to get on the good side of Kings fans is, for better or worse, to play your ass off.

The Iverson-Martin matchup should be incredible, if only because there's no way in hell either can guard the other. Martin has the height advantage, obviously, but Iverson has one of the greatest first steps of alltime and is tougher than a $2 ribeye. Martin can shoot all day over AI, and he can probably get to the rim on him, too.

Expect an uptempo game, as Denver and Sacramento are both near the top of the league in pace. Four guys could go for 30 if the shooting's hot. It probably won't be with the day game factor (Mike Bibby in particular is notoriously bad in day games), so the high score might be tempered.

It will be entertaining nonetheless. 12:30p start on ABC. Enjoy.