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Kings Off For Longest Road Trip of the Year

After seeing the Kings lose ugly against Denver and frustratingly against the Spurs in the last few days, I'm not exactly feeling like Arco Arena gave them the home comforts it has offered Sacramento the last few decades. With that said, as the Kings leave town for what could be a harrowing road trip, things could soon get even more difficult for our purple and black warriors.

In the space of seven days, the Kings play five games in five cities (at Cleveland, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando and Atlanta to be specific), and they haven't exactly lit up the scoreboard on the road so far this season, stumbling to a 10-20 record and scoring lower in just about every statistic when compared to the friendly confines of Arco Arena.

While on the road, the Kings score six fewer points per game, shoot about 5% worse on field goals, three point goals and free throws and rebound less frequently.

That isn't to say there isn't some hope. In previous meetings with the five teams they'll face in the upcoming week, the Kings throttled Atlanta and drubbed Charlotte in games at home, scoring 117 and 135 points in the two games respectively.

The five game road trip is the Kings longest in the 2006-07 campaign. The team went 1-3 in a four game trip at New York, Toronto, Boston and Detroit  in January, and again 1-3 vs. New Orleans, Dallas, Memphis and Minnesota at the end of the same month. Needless to say, January wasn't great. February saw the Kings go... wait for it... 1-3 at Washington, New Jersey, Indiana and Philadelphia, so there is a pattern here.

The question is, will the Kings recede, going 1-4 or worse, meet expectations by going 2-3, or surprise us all and come away with a winning record on the trip? Vote in the main poll, and let us know how you voted in the comments.