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Dirty dirty Kings

There's nothing clean with this team.

If you didn't watch the game, looked at the score, and assumed, you'd think Ron Artest killed the offense in his return.


Everyone killed that offense. If shots go, the Kings win. If Kevin Martin has a Kevin Martin game, the Kings win. If the Kings get to the line like they usually do, the Kings win. If someone keeps a hand in Linas Kleiza's face, the Kings win.

None of those things happened, and the Kings got stomped. And things escalated real quickly, didn't they? Like one minute the Kings are up 10, Iverson has three fouls, Bibby's on fire, the defense on Carmelo is solid. You look away for a second and Denver's up 13, Carmelo's on fire, Iverson is getting into the lane at will, Kleiza is shooting like the second coming of Maravich, Nene and Camby are playing schoolyard ball with each other, Musselman is in full deer-in-headlights mode.

Things really got out of hand fast. The Sacramento offense was unwatchable. I switched to Kansas-Texas and came back to the drudgery later. Games like yesterday afternoon are why so many of us fans fully embraced rebuild mode. Tell me you wouldn't have rather seen Garcia, Price, Douby, and Williams yesterday. They would've lost by 30, but there'd be a reason to watch. Bibby's 35 aside, there was nothing remotely entertaining going on in a white jersey. Disastrous, considering the playoff implications. Fold up the chairs, ladies, this show is over.

I just wish we had a legitimately interesting offense. Not five guys looking around and dribbling and pulling up. I could go to the Y and watch that.