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Game 63 - at Cleveland

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This game is the one which could've been dramatic.

Mike Bibby was almost a Cav. Either Drew Gooden or Anderson Varejao and possibly the rotting corpse of Eric Snow were almost Kings. Rebuild mode would have been upon us.

Instead, the least attractive option is pretty much what we have. The Kings are bad enough to sit outside the conference's top eight, and good enough to have a sub-1% chance to land the top pick. As has been hashed out before, tanking isn't the answer. But playing hard with Ronnie Price at the helm and finishing with a 5% chance for Oden/Durant isn't any worse than playing mediocre ball with Bibby still here and having a truly miniscule shot at greatness, is it?

The bones landed as they did, so enough grumbling. The game starts very soon (4 pm PDT), so enjoy, my friends.