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Game 64 - at Charlotte

Charlotte without Emeka Okafor is better than Cleveland without LeBron James.

Actually, that's probably not true. But I wouldn't bet against the same outcome from a night ago happening this evening when the Kings try to finish a sweep of the Bobcats.

The Cats scored 120 when they visited ARCO a few weeks ago. Gerald Wallace was brilliant, as was the Sacramento offense. Again tonight, the Kings should have no problem scoring. But neither should Multiplicity, even with Ron Artest in the lineup.

Raymond Felton already has an advantage on Mike Bibby. Add in Bibby's bum foot. It does not take Nostadamus.

Kevin Martin has officially had two sub-awesome games in a row. I'd suggest Tuesday was not his fault; had it been a competitive game, he would've gotten fourth quarter looks and likely makes.

Thank goodness Okafor is out, otherwise this Kings interior would be mincemeat. I understand that Justin Williams is an offensive liability due to his free throw shooting. I realize he went 2-6 last night and improved his career percentage. However, he is the only center on this roster who has shown this season he will rebound at all costs and keep a hand in the opponents' faces. Please give him a chance. Ben Wallace can't shoot free throws either.

Another 4pm start. God save us.