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Just a Note: Kings Back In Cellar

This is turning into an ugly faux "playoff race".

Arguably, the Kings are only one game out of the 8th place spot in the conference standings, behind the current holder of that position, the Golden State Warriors. But the team is doing all that it can to ensure it's not part of the conversation at all.

Losing the two games at home before setting off on a 5-game road trip in hostile territory isn't exactly the best way to get the purple and black mojo going, seeing the Kings fall to last place in the Pacific Division, behind the Clips and Warriors, who held the cellar just last week.

The Western Conference has spun out into a clear "haves" and "have nots" this year. While San Antonio, Dallas and Phoenix have seemed unbeatable for long stretches, winning 12, 13, 14 games in a row, the teams at the bottom rungs are going in the opposite direction.

  • The Clippers have lost five straight
  • The Hornets have lost six straight
  • The Kings have lost four straight
  • The Sonics have lost four straight
Heck, even the Lakers have lost six straight. Who knew? That team is only 33-31. Had one win gone the other way, the Pacific Division would only have one team (the Suns) above the .500 mark. That's ugly.

Given the disparity between the clubs, I don't give the #6, #7 or #8 seeds any kind of chance this year. What would you rather have? 4 extra losses at the end of the year, or an early vacation and an option to rebuild from the draft?