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How many times must we scream?

26 points on 15 shots, 6 assists and only 1 turnover.

You know how many turnovers Ron Artest had going into that last real offensive possession, with the Kings down three? Five.

This outmoded notion that Ron Artest can be this team's point forward is absurd. He's proven he's careless with the ball. He had tunnel vision. He only sees his teammates when he can make a dramatic pass, when he can have the spotlight with a nice assist.

This outmoded notion that Kevin Martin is not a good ballhandler is absurd. He's proven to be careful with the ball, despite a travelling call here and there. His turnover rate is the lowest among every single rotation player on the Kings. Lower than Bibby, lower than Ron, lower than Salmons, lower than Brad.

So why the hell isn't the ball in his hands?

What a freaking disaster.