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Game 65 - at Miami

[Team with no interior defense] + [Shaquille O'Neal] + [Team with no rebounding] + [Udonis Haslem] + [Nearing obliviion] + [Road trip] = CRAP!!!!

The Kings can win this game, but they won't. You know it, I know it, even pyro knows it.

I won't be viewing until tomorrow morning. (Question for the bilingual: 'manana' means morning in Spanish; 'manana' also means tomorrow. Is 'tomorrow morning' translated to 'manana manana'? If so, HA! That's awesome.)

Also, thanks to Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Creighton, I will no longer be viewing any March Madness games which don't involve awesome NBA prospects (AARON GRAY, the next Araujao) or the University of Maryland. otis29's diary jinxed me. I should've seen that dirty trick two furlongs away.

At least tonight's Heat-Kings tilt is an early game, so the diehards among us have plenty of time to rebuild the Friday night after seeing the angering scrawl.

On that note, enjoy! Tipoff at 4.