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Step in the Right Direction

We all knew the Kings wouldn't win that game. So the eventual loss doesn't sting. Yeah, with some bounces Sacramento had a chance to win in the last two minutes. But they didn't, oh well, move on.

More intriguing? Justin Williams downs a Red Bull before every game. Well, he stopped when he wasn't getting playing time. But Kenny Thomas' toe hurts, so Eric Musselman said, "Hey Justin. You're going to play." So Justin got a Red Bull. And he went, what, 1-4 from the line? The last time I had a Red Bull, when I was waiting tables, I dropped a fajita plate and damn near set a toddler on fire. Things can make you jittery. Would Justin shoot better by skipping the energy drink? Who knows. He played great, though - most athletic big who got minutes.

Oh well. I just hope Justin gets some more burn as the season winds down.