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The Kings Are Now Hart-less

Ever notice how if a company misses their quarterly sales number, and layoffs are needed, it's not the VPs who get the axe, but instead the rank and file guys in the backrooms who were busting their butts?

Well, the Kings got all corporate on us today, waiving the unloved, unused Jason Hart, briefly saying they wish him "the best and want to thank him for his contributions and professionalism." In the corporate world, that means he got a severance check, an NDA, and can't talk crap about his employer for a few months.

We're not under those restrictions...

Hart was a complete non-factor for the Kings this year. He showed up in 13 games, averaging only 8 minutes a contest, and only 3.3 points. Mid-season rumors of him joining the Pistons, and later interest from the Cavs, never materialized. Meanwhile, both fans and coaching staff alike seemed to forget he was even on the roster.

Fox Sports noted his snubbing in a late January story which exemplified the trials of being on the end of the Kings' pine: "... Jason Hart is waiting for Sacramento to deal him to a team that will let him play, and former Celtic Vitaly Potapenko has played all of five minutes this year, so it's unclear why he's still on the roster."

Exactly. At least the Kings finally did the right thing for Hart and let him go. While they get nothing in return, he can seek out a  better life and a better role on a better team.

As we only slightly jokingly noted in yesterday's Stats Corner, "Jason Hart leads the Kings in both 3 point shooting percentage and free throw percentage." In his miniscule time, he made 50% of his shots, and only missed 1 of 11 free throws. Even Kevin Martin, who once threatened to go 50% and 90% on the year, isn't on that pace any more. Could Hart have done it over any length of time? Probably not. But I'm sure his agent will try and convince somebody he could.